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The two large bells in the belfry were installed in 1889 and were purchased from the Meneely Bell Company in Troy, New York - also makers of the Centennial Bell which hangs in Independence Hall. Bell No. 1 weighs 1058 pounds and bell No. 2 weighs 543 pounds. The total cost for both of the bells, with mountings, was $485.00. They are made from a bell-metal alloy consisting of 78% copper and 22% tin.

The large bell carries the following inscription:

????????? "Gloria dei-in-excelsis" ????????? (Glory to God in the Highest)
German Evang Zions Church
South Bend, Ind.
A.D. 1889

The smaller bell carries this inscription:

???????? "Fine feste bergstun sergott" ???????? (A Mighty Fortress Under God)
German Evang Zions Church
South Bend, Ind.
A.D. 1889

Zion United Church of Christ / 211 S. St. Peter Street / South Bend, IN 46617

Did You Know?

The Bells are tolled during key words of the "Lord's Prayer" when said during worship. This is rooted in the tradition that the farmers in the field could stop what they were working on and pray along with the congregation.


"Never place a period where God has put a comma."
Zion United Church of Christ South Bend
-Gracie Allen